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Engine Specification / Specs Of The Upcoming Yamaha R25 R4 250CC Bike

  Yamaha R25 Engine Specification / Specs WOoow..We have got some engine reports on the upcoming awesome machine Yamaha R25 R4 250CC bike. According to reports, R250 will have excellent racing dynamics and strong performance. Bike will have 250cc engine a the name says R250. When we dig more  over internet sources,we got that engine will [...]

Yamaha R250 R4 Launch In 2014 YZF R25 Specifications

Yamaha R250 R4 Launch In 2014 It seems to be Yamaha studying the sub segment  markets of super bikes. All the Yamaha bikes have an awesome number of fans in every country. From the R1 to the low end bikes,Yamaha have made so much fans. This is because Yamaha’s products are perfectly concentrated on sportier riding,premium looks and  rider’s [...]

Yamaha R4 250CC Bike Production Confirmed, R25 Super Bike

Yamaha R4 250CC Bike At last dream of all Yamaha fans coming true. Since from last of 2012 we were dreaming of a budget superbike from Yamaha in 250cc category. When R125 launched,we were surprised seeing the elegant premium looks and seating comfort. But due to some emission problems,bike was not launched in some countries like India. [...]